the-2spring-office-in-riel-netherlandsSince 1998 2Spring is professionally supplying the life science industry. Serving our customers with a "client first approach", we stand for commitment, technical & medical knowledge, reliability & confidentiality, providing real, reliable and solid solutions to our customers.

2Spring represents highly R&D and client orientated companies, each leading in its field. These OEM suppliers together form a synergy of answers to engineers, developers, project and R&D managers in the innovative medical world.

Our capabilities




Wire drawing, forming, cutting, straightening, EDM, sand/grit blasting, (centerless or Hybrid) grinding & coating in a wide range of alloys. Metal tube in a wide range of alloys, fabricated to your need.

Silicone and medical rubber based molded or extruded products, tri-layers; specialty extrusions such as bumped/flared, co- & TRI-layers, OEM balloons or balloon extrusions, a wide variety of secondary operations such as tipping, hole punching, assemblies, etc..




Semi-finished to finished, custom packed, sterilized upon request. Machinery for catheter production (tipping, necking, bonding, flaring, bullet tips, angle and radius tips)

Specialty metal products in a full range of tempers and over 70 different alloys (including Nitinol) on stock.




Extrusion & measurement equipment such as downstream equipment, extruders, integrated extrusion lines, ID/OD/Wall measurement, catheter production systems for tipping/bonding/flaring/rounding. Laser micromachining equipment for polymer, metal, ceramic & glass. 

We also offer spare parts as well as training & installation services.




Catheters, delivery devices, stents, guide wires, implants, etc.:
Production start up support, lab services & testing, engineering development or next generation designing, process or design optimization, 0-series & small production volumes, documentation, validation, technology transfer & integration, training & support on site, CE certifications, trouble shooting.