Conair World Leader for Medical-dedicated Downstream Equipment

Conair offers dedicated equipment for micro bore, multi-lumen, thin wall, high speed, high temperature, thermo plastic or thermo set extrusion processes. Conair was the pioneer for vacuum sizing water tanks, vertical extrusion for extreme thin extrusions, servo-driven puller/cutters, multi-pass water tanks.


Equipment offered: Vacuum sizing water tanks, water tanks, multi-pass water tanks, puller/cutter, planetary cutter, blade design for cutting, off-line cutters, automatic coil transfer winders, conveyor, a large range of tools and components (funnels, guides, rollers, inserts, alcohol dispensing, air support, servo motors, blade designs, feeding, etc.).

Conair also offer up stream equipment such as blenders, mixers & dryers. In cooperation with 2Spring one offers full integrated extrusions lines as well.

Conair owns a large number of patents that changed the world of medical extrusion. Latest developments are for example: vertical extrusion for extreme thin wall designs, the smallest footprint for PVC-extrusion lines, world's fast flexible PVC extrusion line, unique high speed/burr free cutting for designs such as braid/spiral, silicones, stiff or thin/tacky materials

Conair offers true customer support/service, openness and partnership.