Easytor® Guidewire Torquer

The EASYTOR® is developed in corporation with leading cardiologists in Danish hospitals giving valuable input to our development team. All clinical evaluations for EASYTOR® are passed with excellent results.

FDA 510 (k) application is in progress and pending. CE application in progress and pending.

The EASYTOR® is a single hand controlled guide wire torque – a unique solution.

It is developed primarily to give cardiologists performing procedures a handy and confident instrument.

It is easy to operate -enhancing accuracy and overall efficiency.




Main advantage: easy 1-hand operation

  • No damage of plastic layer or surface coating
  • No movement of guide wire when attaching and detaching
  • Strong holding force during rotation of the guide wire
  • Improved accuracy as cardiologists now can keep eyes on the monitor when attaching and detaching
  • Low weight & ergonomic
  • For all guide wire sizes 0.010"-0.038" also PTFE coated
  • Available in bulk unsterile and custom-packed, sterilized, CE certified
  • Competitively priced!

For additional information please visit www.guidewiretorque.com with additional information, an instruction video and Tweets on this unique guide wire torque.