Vante Catheter Manufacturing Equipment



Vante, formerly known as Sebra, offers extreme reliable catheter production systems. With proprietary RF-technology dedicated to the life science markets, processes include but are not limited to flaring, tipping, end rounding, closing, butt welding, hole punching for thermo plastic materials such as PA, PE, PU but also hightemp materials like PTFE, Peek etc. Vante offers a large number RoHS, CE certified clean-room ready equipment, both generators and platforms, based on custom-made tooling. R&D equipment as well as production equipment is offered. For high volume catheter production their systems can also be cell-integrated in existing or to be designed production lines.




Call 2Spring to discuss the best equipment type for your application. TOPAZ, JADE, SAFFIRE, EMERALD or RUBY. Based on cycletimes, platform flexibility, heat resistance, tolerances and other options the choice is easy to make.

Vante is the leading brand for catheter processing equipment and the first and only choice for the majority of the worldwide operating device manufacturers. Vante stands for strong customer contact, reliable and consistent technology, low mass no maintenance tooling, market-specific RF-technology resulting in absolute lowest cost of ownership.

2Spring offers on-site demonstrations based on owned equipment and tooling. Please call to learn more about Vante's capabilities.

Vante's guarantee: The PIRF II systems will remain available for sale, certification & spare parts untill 2018.