wytech-logoWytech Medical-grade Wire and Tube since 1975




Wytech is professionally supplying medical-grade fine wire and tube since 1975.

With in-house developed straightening and cutting equipment one can 'dead straight' special shaped wires (D, flat, rectangular triangle) even with thin layers of PTFE.

Thru a proprietary straightening technique called EZ™-grind one offers low stress perfectly straight wire that can be centerless ground without losing on straightness properties.




Laser welding, burr free cutting, skiving, EDM, electro polishing, electro plating, nitinol shape setting, bevels, trocars, 5-axis, grit blasting, marking, pointing, tubing forming, annealing/tempering/age hardening, coating, coat removing, passivation, surface treatments, etc.


Wytech offers 302, 304 air- or vacuum-melted, 316 Stainless steels, several Titanium alloys, Nitinol in a wide variety of sizes. Processes included: Straightening and cutting, cold forming, centerless or hybrid grinding, EDM, sand-grit blasting, coating (pre-, dip- or spray coating on PTFE, several Parylene qualities), coat removal (mechanically, electrically, chemically), pressing/flattening, heat treating (annealing or tempering), skiving, pointing, laser welding, threating and much more.





FASTLANE & FASTTRACK services offer a large range of sizes and materials than can be offer in small R&D quantities, Engineering kits or processed metal parts for next generation designs.

Wytech is an ISO certified manufacturer, respected for zero defect, on-time deliveries.